Break up to stay friends -get back together with ex


One way or another, breaking up and staying friends is a bit like getting back together with friends. Only this time you won’t have a romantic relationship. It will just be a platonic relationship. This has some advantages and disadvantages. Read more and then decide if it is right for you to break up and stay with friends.

To find out if it is good for you to stay with your ex-girlfriend, you need to find out if either of you still have strong feelings for each other. If one of you still wants to get together romantically, there may be no possibility for a platonic relationship, as there will always be a longing for a real closeness there.

One way to remain friends is for you and your partner to find partners who fulfill your need for romantic and passionate love. At this point, you have probably reached a complete shutdown and are now strong enough to be friends with your ex. An example of this scenario can be found in the movie Santa Claus with Tim Allen. His wife left him and found another man, while Tim found the trick elsewhere. They were both fulfilled so they felt comfortable being friends with each other even though they were friends.

Another downside to breaking up and staying friends is the very real possibility that one of you will become jealous once the other has a romantic relationship with someone else. This is the downfall and the most common reason for failed friendships between former lovers. If one of you is jealous while you surface, the post-relationship friendship is not for you. Most of the time this scenario happens, and to prevent it, you better go for the cold turkey. Give yourself at least two months before you call them again.

Sometimes you need to be apart for a few months to feel the benefits of friendship. If this sounds awkward or counterintuitive, remember that you don’t know what you have until you lose it. After some time, you may realize what your friend really is. Or your partner may realize how good you are and then come back to you with remedial methods. Either way, it could benefit both of you at times.

The few benefits of remaining friends after a breakup beg the question: Why? Why do you want to stay friends with your ex after a breakup? If your new romantic partner is doing well, that’s fine. But if they are not okay with it, you need to decide if you want to continue the relationship with them and your ex. Some people may see this as baggage, while others may see it as something completely doable. The whole thing is delegated to you.


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